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kaye collins  captured by kaye

I think I'll start by saying that all my friends and family would describe me as a super happy and positive person; when I set my mind to something, I just go for it and I think I have to agree.

When I'm not out and about taking pictures, I also work part time as a dental nurse. I've nursed for many years and working with people is what I truly enjoy.

I got married to Steve in September 2022, it was a beautiful day and the honeymoon was very much welcomed. We have four children between us so life is busy and I wouldn't have it any other way- I feel very blessed and very happy.

We have a cat called Mr Darcy. He's a funny little chap, we adopted him and for the first few months he pretty much hissed at us very day. Now he's around my feet, follows us into the village and I swear he actually talks to me sometimes.

For fun I love seeing my best friends and let's just say the camera is never far away. Life is so much better when I have something planned with my friends. I love counting down the sleeps and I get very excited to the point where I can't actually sleep.

I enjoy running, cycling and pretty much anything that'll give me a medal. I've joined a Netball Team, it's great fun, good exercise and yes, there's a social side to it as well which we all enjoy.

I've always loved photography, so when i turned 40 it was now or never to take this step and share my passion with you.

Come and say hello and get in touch.

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